He will shoot the paint as soon as he is back in the shop! . Thanks to Kelly and Rick Dale for sending over the photo of Rick with the 'shop truck'. . in Ann Arbor , where she wooed a young dental school student and later became his wife.

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Later one night during dinner, Rick asks the group about their lives before, Dale revealing that he was a retired car salesman on a road trip with his wife across .

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Wiki Activity · Random page · Videos · Photos · Chat . Shane turns out to be more hostile and attempts to shoot Rick with a shotgun. . recover from for months) and Rick eventually convinces Allen to leave his dying wife and the . After this course of events, Rick takes Dale, Axel, Tyreese, and Allen to clear out the A-block.

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Once he retired from his job, he planned to take his wife traveling with him across the country in a new RV he . Dale is first seen as Amy tries to respond to Rick Grimes' calls over the radio as he drives to Atlanta. . Dale comforts her and tells her that everyone wanted to shoot Daryl at one point. . 15,975photos on this wiki .

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Mar 22, 2011 . Note the same identical buckle rash in the website photo as in the episode clip below. . Rick Dale of Rick's Restorations is enlisted to restore the machine. . Anyway, he was watching the show with his wife, and – in his words – he . I assume they clear all that out prior to shooting along with the people.

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A client steals his wife s treasured 1960 s Murray tricycle and brings it to Rick so he can . by doing a risqu photo shoot as an anniversary surprise for Rick.

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My name's Rick Dale, and I bring these things back to life. . Kelly Mayer-Dale – Rick's wife and Brettly's mother, she handles the business side of the . include " Time Machines" (Episode 1.8), "Rick's Big Bet" (Episode 1.10), "A Shot and a .

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Shane Walsh is Rick's partner and best friend since high school, he harbors feelings for Lori, . Angered by Lori's comments, he oversees Ed hit his wife and threaten the other . Dale however did not believe him, but kept it to himself. . He goes as far as to shoot out the glass but to no effect. . 15,976photos on this wiki .

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